So how much does good SEO actually cost. You’re probably doing a little bit of research and you’re finding where’s a wide variety of different price points when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, just the price that you’re paying isn’t necessarily indicative of the quality. You might be paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting better SEO. Likewise If you’re paying a little bit less, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting worse quality SEO.

So you really need to do your research and find someone that you connect with. Something to keep in mind though.It isn’t just about going for the cheapest possible price. There’s a reason for. Just like if you’re going to get your car serviced and you were looking for a mechanic. You’re not going to go for the cheapest possible mechanic because if you do that usually they’re the ones that end up cutting the corners. Ultimately it costs you more money further down the line. Its’ about making sure that you get a great quality job at the best possible price.

The fact is the cost of SEO is going up. More and more competition is coming online every single day. Google they’re getting smarter as well their algorithm is just getting more and more sophisticated.So the work that’s required to get you online and get you some really good visibility obviously is going up. Any provider that tells you otherwise is lying to you. Chances are those are the providers that are providing the bargain-basement price for SEO. You know the $500 a month type packages. They’re not in the business of getting you found online.

They’re in the business of churn and burn. They’re going to try and get you to sign up. Then they’ll want to string you along as long as possible

before you get so frustrated. That you go somewhere else. So how much does one of our SEO packages cost. Well you can actually decide. Let me explain the way that we work. We start off first by auditing your website. We’ll get a list of everything that needs to be done.

To fix your website up to get it following Google’s best practice. Ultimately, that’ll get you more visibility online. So once we’ve done that auditing process we start to prioritize what needs to be done now.Internally we’ve put values and prices next to every task that needs to be done.Then depending on the budget that you selecting will determine how quickly we can get through that list. Obviously the bigger the budget the quicker we can move through that list, The smaller the budget the longer the time frame it takes.

So if you follow that line of thinking. You might be wondering well why can’t they offer a $500 a month SEO package.The reason is I’m like

you. I’m a business owner and I put myself in your shoes, Imagine what it would be like to be you. Now if we did a 500 a month SEO package.
It would probably take us 9 to 12 months to actually complete what needed to be done. As a business owner, if I was paying 500 bucks a month for like nine months or twelve months. I’d be wanting to know well what’s my return on investment. What am I actually getting for my money.

Very quickly I’d get frustrated with SEO. Thinking that it doesn’t work and it’s not that SEO. Doesn’t work it’s just that I hadn’t allocated enough of a budget to get a meaningful result.

How do you decide if SEO is right for you.You’ve got a couple of options.You can either pick up the phone and chat with one of the team at Seo Services Perth. You can fill out the form and register for a Business Accelerator session.It’s a 15 to 20-minute session where you’ll chat with one of the team. They’ll find out if SEO is right for you and your business. Then we can make a recommendation if we’re the right fit. If we can help either way go ahead fill out your details. Give us a call and we look forward to helping you and your business get found online .